What I’m Thankful For


Hello there everybody, I hope you are doing very well!

Since Thanksgiving was last just three days ago, I decided to share what I’m thankful for with you guys. I hope this won’t be too cheesy or anything, I gathered the four main things I am thankful for which are pretty general. I really hope you’ll like this post and please tell me in the comments what you are thankful for☺️

So without further ado, let’s get started!


First off, I am thankful for my family, who is my number one support for everything I do. Thankful because we are very close, nobody gets left behind and also because we never had any big family issues. We love and support each other and that’s what’s most important to me, so thank you.


Next, I am thankful for my friends who are also a huge support for me. I am thankful because every single one of them is kind, honest and trustworthy. I have so much fun with them, we always laugh a lot and that’s what I am thankful for.


Another thing I am thankful for is my health. I have never had an accident nor broken any bone in my body (*quickly touches wood*). I am so lucky to have never had any major health issue and I wish that to all of you😊


The last (but definitely not least) thing I am thankful for is my education and the fact that I was able to go to school and study for what I want to do later as my job. I am also thankful for the education I have received (and continue to receive) from my parents. They have taught me to be kind, respect others and be openminded, so thank you.

And there you go, these were the four main things I am thankful for. I really hope you liked this post and hopefully you didn’t find it too cheesy😅☺️ Please let me know in the comments what you are thankful for!

I wish you a very nice day/night and I will talk to you in my next blog post!

All the love,

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