Guest Post #1: 6 Fall Beauty Trends Revealed


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Today I am super excited to announce that this post is my very first Guest Post! Eeek!

My guest today is a girl named Amy Mia Goldsmith and she’s from Australia (how cool?). She regularly collaborates with bloggers and writes on and . You can check out her portfolio here.

For this guest post, she’s going to share 6 Fall Trends with you! She even listed a few items I love! I hope you’ll like her post (personally, I loved reading it!) and please show her some love in the comments below😊

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It’s no secret that fall is my favorite season, and let’s be honest – isn’t it everyone’s? There is no other season as cozy as this one, and the colors are so inspiring that I can’t get enough of them. But the colder weather does bring a few changes, and some of those are definitely in the beauty and skincare area, so let’s take a look together at the top beauty trends for this season:


The cold weather, winds and rain can be pretty hard on our skin, so we need to do our best to protect it. This means switching up the light summery creams for something richer, like the Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizer. But the skin on your face is not the only part that needs extra care: I love the Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin body lotion, because it not only hydrates my skin, but leaves me smelling like everything good about fall. Combine this with your favorite hand cream (on you at all times so you can reapply) and your skin will be as soft as ever, even in the cold.



If you ask me, a fall makeup look comes down to two things: smoky eyes and dark lips. It is classic, timeless and, most importantly, looks good on literally everyone. For a day look I like to keep my eyeshadow simple with a nude base, a warm taupe color in my crease and a classic winged eyeliner. My go-to palette for that is this Dior 5 Couleurs Designer in nude pink. For mascara, I go for Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash, but if you’re afraid of rain, go for something waterproof. In the evening, enhance your look by applying darker shades of mascara and finish it off with an M.A.C. Lush Life lipstick in a gorgeous berry red, or opt for something matte and nude for a more sophisticated look.



Fall is the time when my bright, pastel and summery shades take a step back and they let all of the deep, dark beauties take the spotlight. Dark nails can make any outfit look more put-together and all of your Instagram posts will look more professional. I love browsing the great selection of Say It With Polish colors and designs, and they make the perfect gift as well. But remember, the shape and strength of your nails are important too, so always shape them carefully and apply nail oil every day.

Healthy habits


I don’t know about you guys, but as soon as the colder weather comes along, I always tend to get sick. It can be pretty annoying, so practicing healthy habits becomes more important than ever. I like to start my mornings with a tall glass of water, and a quick, half hour walk around the neighborhood. During the day, I try to eat balanced meals that provide me with all of the nutrients I need and I go to the gym or to a yoga class at least 4 times a week. These habits help me stay healthy and feel good, which is what beauty is all about.

Fall accessories


This season would not be what it is without all the little bits and bobs that you can add to your outfits that won’t make you feel too hot or uncomfortable. After a lot of looking through my closet, my favorite additions for the upcoming season are a felt hat, either in baby pink, nude or black, an array of different scarves (because who in the world could choose just one?) and a Tommy Hilfiger backpack, which goes with almost all of my fall outfits. I tend to stick to warm tones and lean towards nude hues the most. Speaking of which…

Fashion must-haves


I was very excited for this season’s trends because they brought a wonderful mix of something new and something old. This year, suede over-the-knee boots will probably be a go-to, alongside the trusty old black booties. For outerwear I’m going with the trends and getting a long, camel color coat to keep me warm that can complete absolutely any outfit, and for statement pieces I got a couple of metallic colored things and trust me, once you go there it will become your new favorite thing.

That is it for the beauty trends I will be following this year. Which ones did you like best? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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