My First Q&A!


Well hello everyone, I hope you are doing very well!

About a week or two ago, I asked you guys on Instagram and Twitter (also at the bottom of some of my recent posts) to ask me some questions for me to answer in this post today. I received a few (thank you so much if you sent me a question!) and I will do my best to answer them😊👍

This is my very first Q&A so I really hope you will enjoy it and hopefully I will do some more in the future!

Without further ado, let’s get started!

 1.  From @perksoflaur :

“If you could visit somewhere at a certain time of year with a specific person (it can be a friend, family member or celeb etc.), where would you go, when and who with? X”

I would love to travel to New York (which is my favorite city EVER) at Christmas time! I’ve travelled a couple of times in NYC but never at Christmas nor New Years’ Eve. All the Christmas decorations, the snow, the atmosphere, the Christmas lights, the Central Parc skating rink,… Dreamy! If I could choose a celebrity to go with I’d choose Harry Styles (because why the hell not, he’s a hot babe) but in a more realistic way I would travel with my family☺️

2.  From @lifeastillyrose :

“What season do you prefer dressing for and why?”

I love to dress for summer, I find that I have more choice in my summer clothes collection for some reason. I also don’t like to layer a lot so that’s why I didn’t say winter! But I also love dressing for fall because I love compfy chunky sweaters and a nice soft scarf 😉

3.  From @tumblrxnightss :

“How old are you? What made you start this account (meaning my Instagram account)?”

I am 18 years old! I started my Instagram account just to share things I love and because I love photography. Now it’s a good way to also promote my blog😌

4.  From @sophiemaie :

“What’s your biggest dream for your blog and what’s your favorite thing to do besides blogging?”

My biggest dream is probably to be a full time blogger, being able to collaborate with brands, but we all know that doesn’t happen in a minute. For now, I would love to get a little bit more engagement (for instance more comments) but all the love that I have received since I started this blog and the other bloggers that I have discovered (and also made friends with, like you Sophie) are priceless.

5.  From @JesssLouiseeee :

“If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?”

Probably sushi, since there is a bunch of different kinds, so I wouldn’t get to sick of them. Plus, they’re delicious😍

6.  From @lifeasnajida :

“What is your favorite season and why?”

I love fall because of all the lovely colors, the crisp air and the big chunky scarves. Oh and you can’t forget the apple cinnamon tea!


And there you go! Thank you so much to all who sent me a lovely question, don’t hesitate to leave one in the comments below and I will answer it 🙂 I really hope you enjoyed this blog post!

I wish you a very nice day/night and I will talk to you in my next post💗

All the love,

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  1. Sophie Maie says:

    Loved your answer girl, I agree being a full time blogger seems so dreamy but as you said it takes a lot of time and work (but I’m sure you’ll get there x) and I’m so happy to have made such a gorgeous friend like you through blogging as well xxx

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