My 2017 Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials

Hello there everyone, I hope you are all doing really well!

I know, it’s been two weeks! I have been on holiday with my family in Spain (which was super cool) so that’s why there wasn’t a blog post last week. It’s actually the first time ever that I have missed a post can you believe it?

Anyway, today I decided to share my 2017 summer essentials with you cutie pies, as summer is officially upon us! I really hope you will enjoy this blog post and please tell me in the comments what are your summer essentials 😉

Summer essentials

The first summer essential is the Sephora Green Tea face sheet mask. It’s meant to mattify and help reduce blemishes. This mask is really a must for me in summer because with the heat, my skin tends to get more oily and therefore I have a few breakouts. These sheet masks from Sephora are seriously my faves, they are so inexpensive and they get the job done! They are also really gentle on the skin, so if you have sensitive skin like me, then these are perfect for you 🙂

The next summer essential is the Hawaiian Tropic silk hydration after sun lotion. As mentioned a lot of times, I have very sensitive skin. In the summer, I don’t get tanned a lot. I need to apply sunscreen in order to not look like a tomato! If I had quite a lot of sun during the day, I like to apply this after sun lotion, which feels nice and soothing. It’s really hydrating and helps if you got a sunburn. It also smells super amazing, it has a nice coconut scent. Hawaiian Tropic have great products, you need to check them out!

The following summer essential is the Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream perfume. I absolutely love this perfume for spring and summer because it’s really light and fresh. I am the worst at describing scents, but this one is more on the florally side.Summer essentials


Another summer essential of mine are these Skullcandy Knockout headphones. They are turquoise and purple with touches of gold. Skullcandy make really good quality headphones for affordable prices and they have quite unique designs. To be honest, this summer essential is more a year essential for me aha!

The next summer essential are these Beauty Formulas oil blotting sheets. I actually bought these while on holiday so this brand is new to me! But blotting sheets are a must. They absorb the excess oil throughout the day, without ruining or rubbing off your makeup. They are really handy and don’t take a lot of place in your handbag 🙂

Summer essentials

The following summer essential is an eyeshadow palette, which I have mentioned a few times already on my blog. It’s the Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette! This is seriously one of my favorite palettes of ALL. TIME. It’s so cute and smells like peaches (OMG)! It has nice colors, you can create so many different looks with it! There is even a few brighter colors, perfect for summer. The eyeshadow formula is super pigmented, doesn’t crease at all. I couldn’t recommend it more, if you haven’t got it already, you need it!

The next summer essential is the Benefit Galifornia blush. I have the small version (how cute is it?). The blush is a nice pink coral color, perfect for summer! It also has a little bit of shimmer in it, which I love 🙂 The color is long lasting and I just love the packaging!

The last (but not least!) summer essential is the Dior lip tattoo in the shade Neutral Berry (771). It’s a long wear lip tint, in a nice berry plum color. It feels super light on the lips and since it’s a lip tint, it lasts all day. When you apply it, it’s really pigmented and it dries quickly in a semi matte finish. I bought it quite recently but I already love it to pieces!

Here is a little cheeky swatch:

Summer essentials

And there you go, that was my (big) list of summer essentials! I really hope you guys liked this post. Please tell me in the comments below what are your summer essentials or if you tried one of the products mentioned 🙂

I wish you a very nice day/night, and I will talk to you in my next blog post!

All the love,


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