My 2017 Art Project

Art project

Hello there everyone, I hope you are doing well!

I am doing quite well, today I did my last tests of the year (now onto exams…)! Anyway, today I decided to present my 2017 art project with you guys since I finished it this week. I am super proud about it and I really hope you’ll like it as well!

If you didn’t know already, I study art as my specific option in high school and each year at the second semester, we are asked to do a personal art project. Each year there is a theme, this year it was “Architecture”.

Art project

I decided to read into this theme to modify my high school’s architecture and modify people’s perception of space. In order to do that, I created a mural installation made of paper. Paper is a material that I really like to use, you can do so many things with it and it’s quite easy to manipulate.

I got inspired by the Japanese technique called origami, which consists of folding paper to make shapes or animals. I decided to create geometric shapes inspired by sea shells you can find on rocks on the sea shore and also climbing plants. I did approx. 90 of these shapes (which took me quite some time yes aha) and then sticked them in a corner of a wall in my high school.

Art project

And there you go! I really hope you liked my art project, tell me in the comments if you did an art project before 😉

I wish you a very nice day/night and I will talk to you in my next blog post!

All the love,


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