Current Empty Products (Beauty, skincare & more)

Empty products

Hello there my lovely readers, I hope you are all doing very well!

For today’s post, I decided to talk about my current empty products, which include beauty, skincare and more. I have been collecting these empty products in order to write this blog post, so some of them have been finished a few moths ago and some just a couple of days ago! For each product, I will write a little review so you can know if I liked it or not 😉

I hope you will like this post, please tell me in the comment section below if you have tried one of the products mentioned and what are YOUR current empties!

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Happy reading!

Empty Products

The first empty product is from the brand Burt’s Bees, and it’s their facial cleansing towelettes. I used these wipes mainly to remove my makeup, especially when I was on holiday because it was more practical for transport. You can also use them for cleansing your face on the go. Overall, I liked them, they removed almost all of my makeup. I did use a cotton pad with a bit of makeup remover to remove the remaining makeup. These wipes are pre-moistened so they remove mascara (non waterproof though) quite easily. Although, they could have been a little more wet to make the process even easier. I really liked the smell of these, that’s always a plus for me! Also, they are 99.1% natural, so they are very good if you tend to have sensitive skin like me.

You can buy them here.

Empty Products

These next empties are makeup products from the brand Urban Decay. The first one is the “All nighter” setting spray (left on the picture). Setting spray is an absolute must have for me and I have been obsessed with this one! It really helps my makeup to last all day and also helps to keep my face nice and matte, since it’s oil free. I love this products so much that I actually repurchased it in the bigger size. The other product (right on the picture) is the Naked Skin one & done “hybrid complexion perfector”. It’s a nice bb cream, perfect for an every day look. I use it every day for school because it’s light but still has a nice coverage. I also repurchased this product because I really like it! It pretty much stays all day and keeps my face matte.

You can buy the setting spray here.

You can buy the bb cream here.

Empty Products

These next products are also skincare related. The first one (left on the picture) is from the Brand Neutrogena, it’s the oil-free acne wash facial cleanser. It smells like grapefruit which I looove! Overall, I really liked this product, I can’t really tell if it improved my skin like it says but it did clean my face well! The other product (right on the picture) is from the brand Bioderma, it’s a micellar water. I used this to remove my makeup with a cotton pad. I really love this product, it removes your makeup really well without the need to rinse it off. It works really well for sensitive skin like mine. Love it!

You can buy the cleanser here.

You can buy the micellar water here.

Empty products

The last few empties are from the brand Bath and Body Works. The first product (in the center of the picture) is a hand sanitizer called “Napa valley sunset”. It smells like sun kissed grapes which I love! I always carry a little hand sanitizer in my bag and the ones from Bath and Body Works are my faves because they have so many different scents to choose from. The other products (left and right on the picture) are two little candles. One smells like watermelon lemonade (which is my favorite scent EVER) and the other one smells like cherry blossom sangria. They both made my room smell amazing and the packaging is sooo cute! Love them 😉

You can buy the watermelon lemonade candle here (similar). The scent is the same, it’s just the bigger one.

You can buy the cherry blossom sangria candle here (similar). The cherry blossom sangria one is unfortunately not longer available…

You can buy hand sanitizers here. The Napa valley sunset one is unfortunately not longer available…

There you go, these were my current empty products! I really hope you liked this blog post 🙂

I wish you a very nice day/night and I will talk to you in my next post!

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